Sunday, October 27, 2013

Update #1

Hi, all!

I wanted to stop in and just update you on why I haven't been able to post much new content here on Full Color Gamer, as well as talk about a couple of other things that have grabbed my attention.

First off, the work/home/gaming/blog situation.

Part of what I do for a living is writing; some technical writing, some advertising and marketing, and some fiction writing (more on that in a minute). Doing what I do means that I can work from home, which is great. For the past year, I've also been taking care of my baby daughter during the day (since I can work from home), and writing at night, which has also been great.

The wrinkle in the plan has come about recently when, as my daughter has gotten older and needed a room of her own for sleeping (and to give me and the Mrs. a quiet night's sleep again), we have converted part of my office into a nursery, which essentially means that I watch her during the day, and then have no place to work or hobby during the evenings because she is sleeping in there. That's been my last few weeks.

Things couldn't stay that way for long, and despite the use of a laptop to get some kind of work done in lieu of a proper office, we have decided to put my daughter in partial daycare so she can get some socialization, and I can get some work done.

So, starting this week, I should (fingers crossed) be able to get back to at least enough hobby time to get back to a semi-regular posting here. Oh, and work of course...

Speaking of which, for those who don't know me from some of my past blogs (and as I indicated above), part of what I do is fiction writing. Over the years, I've had my hands in everything from comic books, to screenwriting, to now primarily prose fiction. A growing part of that work has been in the gaming industry, writing fiction and fluff for a few different companies, and in the last couple of weeks I was able to see some of my work in a copy of the upcoming Hell Dorado: Inferno expansion from Cipher Studios.

If you were a backer to the Kickstarter, and have gotten access to the PDF of the book, my work is the main background story for the Demons section of the book. You can also read an excerpt from the story HERE on Cipher's website. It's a fun skirmish game, and the new book looks great. Plus, Hell Dorado's figures are some of the best I've seen anywhere.

Also on the Kickstarter front, I've been following an amazing looking game from Flying Frog Productions, Shadows of Brimstone.

Shadows of Brimstone is an insane (and insanely fun) looking dungeon crawler, where you and your posse of cowboys and other Wild West characters venture deep into demon-filled mines in search of glory, and a mysteriously powerful black rock that has the ability to rip apart the very fabric of reality, opening portals into fantastical worlds where danger and adventure awaits!

I'm a huge fan of FFP's games, and SoBS seriously looks like a lot of fun, and I urge you all to check it out - if you like it and decide to back the game, tell them where you heard about it!

Lastly, back on the writing front, I've been working on putting together a free fiction blog, where I'll be posting up some of my short stories, and serialized chapters of longer novellas. When I get that ready for public consumption, I'll post an announcement here.

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