About Full Color Gamer

Painting, modeling, and customizing gaming miniatures has been a hobby of mine since the mid-eighties.

While I'm certainly no expert at painting, the hobby has given me countless hours of enjoyment in bringing metal and plastic to life with a paint job that connects me to the games I play, and makes the gaming hobby a more personally rewarding experience.

I've moved away from my early days of tabletop war gaming, but since I still like painting miniatures, I've decided to translate those skills to the board gaming side of the hobby that I'm still crazy for.

Full Color Gamer will serve as a record of my work, as I paint my way through my ever growing stack of miniatures-based board games.

Whether you're looking for examples or inspiration on how to paint your own board game pieces, or you just want to watch a man slide into the depths of madness as he ponders just how many miniatures he has left to paint before his task is complete, I hope you enjoy reading Full Color Gamer.

Thanks for stopping by!

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